Wattpad Punk Out Contest Honorable Mention

Did you know Wattpad has an ambassador profile for the steampunk genre?  The new profile went live in August of 2016!  You can check out the ambassador profile here: Wattpunk.

In March, I wrote and submitted a short story, Rocket City, to their Sky Sharks contest and it received Honorable Mentions.  The contest was small, but the feedback my story received meant the world to me.  In fact, I have been so encouraged by it that I plan to expand Rocket City into a novella (maybe even into a full-length novel).

Thank you, Lord, for leading me down this path!

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Writers of the Future Honorable Mention

Update: The Warehouse Tour will be available as an Amazon Kindle short read on October 7, 2017.  Release announcement >>

Growing up, I wrote poetry and later, as a young adult, I ventured into writing technical publications as part of my career in the tech industry.  The experience spurred my interest to transition into longer works of creative fiction.  Several novel ideas, false starts, and partially baked manuscripts behind me, I completed my first short story in the summer of 2016.

At the end of June, I entered it into the Writers of the Future contest for the third quarter of 2016.   And then privately obsessed: how would my story stack up on the international science fiction contest stage?

In September, I received an email notification that my short story, The Warehouse Tour, had been awarded Honorable Mentions!  God is good!

Third Quarter Writers of the Future Winners

About Writers of the Future

Excerpt from their website:
“The Writers of the Future Program, established in the finest tradition of the professional giving a helping hand to the novice, has become the largest, the most well-known and the best established discovery vehicle in the field. To date, winners have gone on to publish over 700 novels and 3,000 short stories, and have appeared on international bestseller lists, even reaching the #1 slot on the New York Times and London Sunday Times.”  Read more about the contest’s history