The Way of Love

In times of pain or anger, the enemy sometimes finds a crack to slip through. He infects me with a virus of unpleasant thoughts and emotions I fight to purge.  I have to remind myself, usually more than once, of the wisdom of silence (Proverbs 17:28, Proverbs 29:11).  During those moments, I cling to the Word... Continue Reading →

Divine Failure

I thank God for my failures.   Each has changed me in some way.   Yes, the experience can be challenging, even painful.  But, ever so often, it becomes clear it was necessary and, yes, a blessing. I received a professional critique of my first manuscript at the Minnesota Writer's Workshop back in February.  In short,... Continue Reading →

Into the Forest

There were several Mahogany trees in the Belizean Rainforest overgrown by parasitic trees. Each enchanting beast imprisoned within a network of limbs. Hundreds of long arms stretched from beneath the earth, grasping, clawing, pulling on their branches. And yet, despite their circumstances, these magnificent Mahogany trees continued to reach for the light, believing, growing, fighting... Continue Reading →

A View From the Mill City Museum

The Washburn A Mill was state-of-the-art when it opened its doors in the 1880s. In 1965, the building closed, its facilities deemed obsolete. A fire nearly destroyed it in the 1990s but from those ashes rose the Mill City Museum. Wounds healed, walls fortified, with loving care. Today, the mill proudly displays its scars, sharing its story with... Continue Reading →

Whose Approval Are You Seeking?

The following came up as the verse of the day on the YouVersion Bible app.  After a long trip away from home, adapting to other's daily rhythms and experiencing different cultures, it struck a chord with me. "For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God?  Or am I trying to please... Continue Reading →

Wattpad Punk Out Contest Honorable Mention

Did you know Wattpad has an ambassador profile for the steampunk genre?  The new profile went live in August of 2016!  You can check out the ambassador profile here: Wattpunk. In March, I wrote and submitted a short story, Rocket City, to their Sky Sharks contest and it received Honorable Mentions.  The contest was small, but the feedback... Continue Reading →

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