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Last updated October 29, 2022.

*** This is a curated collection of resources and services provided by other websites. Links listed here do not constitute an endorsement.***

Collections (listed in order): Writing Resources, Publishing Resources, Reaching Readers, Book Reviewers, and Book Illustrators & Cover Designers.

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Writing Resources

Craft articles, online resources, and book recommendations.

If leveling up your writing skills is on your goal list, check out the writing rank quiz on StoryEmbers.org. It’ll help you discover where to focus your learning efforts.

If you are looking for a community, check out the Realm Sphere. It’s an online community for Christian writers and artists who love speculative fiction. They offer critique groups, virtual events, and host annual retreats and conferences. (There is a free plan, but you may have to scroll through to find it.)

Publishing Resources

Online resources and tools for writers seeking publication, either traditionally or as an indie (self-publisher/small press).

As hybrid publishing is gaining more attention, it’s important to note that the term hybrid author originally applied to an author who had both traditional and self published books. That is how the term is used here.

The term hybrid publishing is different. It applies to publishers who offer some of the benefits of traditional publishing to those might have otherwise self-published.

Reaching Readers

Tips and tools for reaching readers through social media, local press, online interviews, and promotions.

Book Reviewers

Professional organizations and bloggers who accept requests for book reviews. A few of the reviewers listed below require requests to be 2-3 months prior to publication. Most offer free options.

Book Illustrators & Cover Designers

Artists who specialize in illustrations and cover design for books. Fiverr is another resource for connecting with cover designers and illustrators.

A word of caution when purchasing a cover that uses stock photos, or even when DIY’ing your own book cover. There are many free and low-cost solutions for obtaining stock photos, but, often, it is left up to the person uploading the original stock images to ensure their photo does not violate intellectual property laws. The only stock site I know from uploading my own photos that seems to use a fair amount of due diligence before accepting a photo into their stock collection is Shutterstock.com.

*** My commentary does not constitute legal advice. I am not a legal professional. ***