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Last updated March 8, 2023.

*** This is a curated collection of resources and services provided by other websites. Links listed here do not constitute an endorsement.***

Writerly Things started as one page, but it’s become necessary to split it into separate pages. This page is dedicated to WRITING RESOURCES and includes ANNA’S SCREENWRITING CORNER.

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Writing Resources

Craft articles, online resources, and book recommendations.

If leveling up your writing skills is on your goal list, check out the writing rank quiz on StoryEmbers.org. It’ll help you discover where to focus your learning efforts.

If you are looking for a community, check out the Realm Sphere. It’s an online community for Christian writers and artists who love speculative fiction. They offer critique groups, virtual events, and host annual retreats and conferences. (There is a free plan, but you may have to scroll through to find it.)

Anna’s Screenwriting Corner

For Anna, who shared a screenwriting resource she found. Best wishes in all your future writing endeavors. I hope to see a movie you wrote one day.

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