Middle Grade

Malvine and the Bog Hunters are gone, but a far more insidious force lurks in the shadows.
Book Two
A Wrinkle in Time meets Alice in Wonderland. . . on a parallel Earth. Aimed at middle-grade readers.
Book One
STEM activity book companion to Snow Globe Travelers. Puzzles, projects, coloring, fun facts, and more.

Picture Books

You’ve heard the legend of Humpty Dumpty, but do you know the legend of Super Doople?
Sometimes courage is loud like an elephant, and sometimes it’s quiet like a llama.

Short Stories

Jill Baker’s brother disappears during a haunted Halloween tour. She’s convinced something sinister lurks in the dark.
Jude’s gritty independence clashes with her will to survive in the post-apocalyptic punk world of Rocket City.
An intense, gothic-style military thriller available on

Looking for fun and adventure? Add clowns and an unorthodox mode of transportation when you’re running late