The Warehouse Tour

If someone you loved vanished in a haunted warehouse, would you go in after them?

Jill Baker’s brother disappears during a haunted Halloween tour. She’s convinced something sinister lurks in the dark, behind the masks and costumes. As her options to uncover the truth dwindle, Jill must be willing to face her fear if she hopes to find her brother. A short, sci-fi horror story for teens.

“At no point in reading The Warehouse Tour by K.A. Cummins did I suspect how this would end, and would recommend this short escapade to anyone who likes horror and sci-fi. . . with a side of honey.” —Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite

“…only bizarreness could come from the tale.” —Matt McAvoy

The original version of The Warehouse Tour was awarded an Honorable Mention in the third quarter 2016 Writers of the Future Contest.

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