Wattpad Punk Out Contest Honorable Mention

Did you know Wattpad has an ambassador profile for the steampunk genre?  The new profile went live in August of 2016!  You can check out the ambassador profile here: Wattpunk. In March, I wrote and submitted a short story, Rocket City, to their Sky Sharks contest and it received Honorable Mentions.  The contest was small, but the feedbackContinue reading “Wattpad Punk Out Contest Honorable Mention”

Recommended Wattpad Authors

Wattpad is a great place to find talented writers, including well-established authors, like R.L. Stine.   The stories are mostly aimed at YA and New Adult readers, but all genres are represented. There is a lot of content on Wattpad.  It can seem overwhelming in the beginning.  I recommend searching for an author you alreadyContinue reading “Recommended Wattpad Authors”