Endless Press Runner-Up

My story “Steampunk Circus” was runner-up in the Endless Press Realm Makers Scholarship Contest. The winner, Lisa Godfrees, became a staff member during the contest and graciously passed on the scholarship to me.

I am going to Realm Makers this year! This is an answered prayer!

Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Lisa! Thank you, Endless Press! Thank you, Realm Makers and anyone else who made this scholarship possible!

Congrats, Lisa Godfrees, on winning and your new job!

You can read both stories on Endless Press’ website here: http://www.endlesspress.org/realm-makers-scholarship-flash-fiction-contest/

Realm Makers is a Christian conference for speculative fiction writers and artists. Registration for this year’s conference opens on February 1st.

Oh, the Waiting!

We have guests arriving tomorrow.  The house needs a thorough washing, the laundry too.  I also have a manuscript I need to work on and several other projects lurking in the background.

And what am I doing?  Obsessing over the submissions being reviewed.

My short story babies got on the big school bus.  Some left months ago, while others have been gone only a week.  In their absence, I worry how they are doing.  Then I tell myself not to worry, it’s in God’s hands.  Finally, I write another one and send it off too.  It’s become this strange parent-child dance.  Sadly, in this process I am avoiding my oldest baby: the unpublished, three-times rewritten, middle-grade novel that I plan to pitch next month.

Ok.  This all sounds a little over dramatic.  But what else is to be expected from a fiction writer?  I am, after all, an adult child making up stories.  My work is a product of an overactive imagination. And I love it!

How do you deal with the waiting after submitting your work?