Winds of Time

As the little girl traveled through the forest, she fought the wind, trying to hold on to her brightly colored balloon. She tried to keep it safe, but it bounced against the jagged branches. Claws clutched the tender sheath, popping the balloon.

The girl emerged from the forest. A dingy bit of rubber trailed behind her on a string. Her shoulders hunched, head bowed, she continued.

Winding through a park, she discovered a man on a bench holding a photograph of a woman. A silent tear escaped, trailing down his cheek. Having nothing else, she offered him the busted balloon. He smiled, taking her gift.

The girl’s eyes widened, her mouth agape, as the tangled string and bit of rubber transformed in the man’s hands, once more, a brightly colored balloon flying high in the air.

Get Angry, Fight Back (Lands Uncharted)

I’m on Lands Uncharted today, talking about life, death, and loving other people.

Grief sucks.


But death reminds us life is precious.

We should love others as we love ourselves. Be kind and encouraging. Seek to serve and be forgiving.

We should walk away when someone doesn’t welcome us. Refuse to pour energy into toxic situations and relationships. Pray instead.

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Snow Globe Travelers (SGT) Update

Got some great feedback and advice from my mentoring appoints at Realm Makers. I’m working through final edits and excited to begin submitting soon – come what may.

The hardest part of this six-year-long process has been getting into Sarah’s head. It can be challenging to write a main character with a different personality. But stepping into her mindset has been worth the extra challenge. It’s helped me grow both on and off the page.

Differences shape our perspectives of the world to an astonishing depth. Listening to understand is an important aspect of loving others as they are and it can be done without compromising our convictions. We can disagree without disrespecting.

Love others as you love yourself (Mark 12:31).