A Quick Note About SGT

Hope everyone is having an amazing Friday!

Exciting news – My debut middle-grade science fiction novel, SNOW GLOBE TRAVELERS: SAMUEL’S LEGACY will be released this spring!

Less than eight months away!

Originally, the plan was to seek traditional publishing. However, the more I prepared for the submission process the more I realized it was the wrong direction for me.

Indie publishing brings additional challenges, but I’m excited to see what God has planned on this journey.

Editing is currently underway and book cover possibilities are being explored. More details to follow in the coming months!

Follow @snowglobetravelers on Instagram for behind-the-scenes insights on the story, settings, and characters.

About Snow Globe Travelers: Samuel’s Legacy (Book 1)

Twelve-year-old Sarah discovers a mysterious shop where the snow globes connect to other worlds. Devastating consequences follow when she drops one and must venture into a world controlled by a genetically-engineered warrior with an army of vicious hybrids.

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Updated: My son likes the colored pencil drawing better. Same image, just a different method of adding color.