Book Review: Unicorns NOT Wanted

At-A-Glance Title: Unicorns NOT Wanted Author-Illustrator: Fred BluntSeries: NoneAudience: Ages 4-8 Genre: Picture BookRelease Date: May 02, 2023 This book reminds me of: The unicorn, wild west setting, and interjecting characters remind me of the Lego movies. Review Unicorns NOT Wanted takes a no-unicorns-allowed stance on storytelling. But try telling a unicorn and her pugContinue reading “Book Review: Unicorns NOT Wanted”

A Review of “Heart of the Curiosity”

Heart of the Curiosity is a gaslamp fantasy novel by H.L. Burke. It’s aimed at young adult readers, and features gadgets, intrigue, witty dialogue, and a sprinkling of romance. One of my favorite reads of 2019, Heart of the Curiosity shines with mystery, humor, and a unique blend of whimsy. I laughed out loud atContinue reading “A Review of “Heart of the Curiosity””