Cover Reveal, Book Trailer, Giveaway… Oh, My!

Available Now! After Readers' Favorite posted an encouraging review for my sci-fi horror short story, The Warehouse Tour, in March, I decided to move forward with something I'd been thinking about for awhile - publishing a professionally edited edition of The Warehouse Tour with a new cover. This time, there's a book trailer and a paperback … Continue reading Cover Reveal, Book Trailer, Giveaway… Oh, My!

Driven to Conquer a Story-verse

I'm taking the day off from moving duties to write and relax. Tomorrow will be soon enough to resume the laborious tasks waiting for attention. Honestly, I'm not sure I could have gone another day without delving into the current story world. It looms over me...

Release the Hare!

Languid language days fall away while vigor springs forth, giving rise to the rushing, rich rewards of overflowing ideas. I have basked in the slowness of first words far too long and now the overflow of characters demand their attention. Their tales in a particular story-verse are pilling up. I can barely contain them. They … Continue reading Release the Hare!

Readers’ Favorite Review of “The Warehouse Tour”

Today, "The Warehouse Tour" was reviewed by Readers' Favorite Reviewer, Jamie Michele! It's not only the first review for "The Warehouse Tour", but it is also my first review - ever. This is a huge milestone. I am overjoyed, humbled, elated, and deeply grateful for the honest and revealing review. Thank you, Jamie! You can read … Continue reading Readers’ Favorite Review of “The Warehouse Tour”