Guest Post: Swords and Magic and Intrigue, Oh My by Lee James

Lee James is on the blog today. She’s the author of Casket Case, Sweet Honesty, and the recent Christian fantasy release Azriel.

Lee’s kindly offered to share some insight into her creative journey and the characters of Azriel. Please welcome Lee James!

I’ve always been a huge fan of the fantasy genre. Swords and intrigue and magic, oh my.

The story that would eventually morph into Azriel came to me years ago. I did nothing with it. At the time I was focused on my historical fiction novel and, you know, life. But the sound of hoofbeats would come to me at the oddest times.

Eventually, the Watchmen themselves showed up.

Rafe, the Maje’s son who fell from grace. He was once the strongest of the Watchmen, the finest swordsman in a hundred years. Now he hides from his people. There had never been a shame like his. No one could condemn himself more than he could.

Wesley, Rafe’s best friend and the one who helped pull him back from the brink, showed up next. Then the others came, Finn, Darice, and lastly, strange enough, came Bree. This first episode in the series centers around her, but in the beginning she was a mystery to me.

You see, in my mind, the Watchmen epitomized all that is good and just. Who would wish them harm? Bree. But why?

For that, I had to dig into her story, find out where she came from. We don’t become who we are overnight. Our lives follow a pattern, a measured beat that, if we don’t deviate from it, will lead us to a single destination. Bree’s destination was one of horrific pain. But could her brothers and sisters, the Watchmen, help save her?

That is how Azriel began.

I thought about the Garden and all we gave up when we were forced out. Never-ending peace. Perfect health, no want, no loss, no hate. What if it were still accessible? What if there was a people designated to care for this place but they were slowly being consumed by enemies from within and without? Who would save those designated to save others? We are never toughenough to save ourselves. Even the strongest need someone to pull them out. Even the bravest need a shoulder to cry on.

Azriel is the story of a people blessed with many abilities. These abilities were given to them to protect the Garden of Eden. But, like so many born into human form, great power corrupts so utterly and so easily. But even in all of this, our God protects and saves to the uttermost.

I am beyond excited to share this tale with you. The characters are fictional. The hope is real.

Azriel is now available on Amazon.

About Azriel

Bree Faro learns early in life that she can only depend on herself. Due to her feisty nature and unusual ability with a sword, she is educated in every fighting style imaginable and excels at them all. When she’s sent to infiltrate the city of Azriel, Bree does not expect to find her place among the Watchmen of the Keep, but they welcome her as one of their own.

Little does Bree know that her new companions are in danger.

An immortal creature lies in wait for any Keeper of the Flame, the city’s water source has dried up, and they are under constant attack from the Yirtzi—former Watchmen reduced to vengeful spirits, who sold their souls for power only to realize the enemy of Yahweh does not translate to the friend of mankind. Not only that, but the Watchmen are fraying. Hostilities come to a head when a Watchman is murdered.

Only a Watchman can kill another Watchman, and all eyes shift to Bree.

Bree finds herself faced with a choice. Does she engineer the betrayal of the powerful city, or does she embrace her destiny as a true Watchman of Yahweh and find the killer before it’s too late?

About Lee James

Lee James writes stories of hope and redemption. Whether she creates fantasy, mystery, or historical fiction, her beautifully awkward characters traverse a dark labyrinth on their journey to a hopeful end. Her work is dedicated to sharing the beauty of Christ, one faith- infused project at a time. Keep up to date with Lee and her stories at

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