Keagan’s Review of “Fear No Evil” by Allen Brokken

Fear No Evil is a middle-grade christian fantasy novel by Allen Brokken. It includes magical beings like giants, acidic salamanders, and small goblin-like creatures who live in peace with bears. And a world where the Darkness threatens the peace between all creatures.

Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan are separated when the ferry carrying them across a dangerous river is attacked by a corrupted giant. They are now being hunted down by creatures controlled by the Darkness that wish to capture or possibly kill them. They must survive being hunted, reunite with each other, and light the Tower of Light in Blooming Glen, or Zoura will be lost to the Darkness.

I enjoyed Fear no Evil. It told an attention-grabbing story filled with strange places and mystical beings. It also had many informative points of view that made it clear to me anyone controlled by darkness may not know they are corrupted.

Fear No Evil is the third book in the Towers of Light series. I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys fantasy adventure novels woven with faith.

Fear No Evil is available on Amazon.

About Still Small Voice

Across the land of Zoura, people and creatures alike continue to fall prey to the persuasion of darkness. The seeds of evil pollute not only those outside the Light, but those within it. Pitting neighbor against neighbor. Brother against brother. The Dark One gains ground in his pursuit to shroud the heathlands in eternal darkness. Zoura’s only hope lies with three children.

Twelve-year-old Lauren and her younger brothers, Aiden and Ethan, are determined to reignite the Tower of Light in Blooming Glen. But an attack by dark forces separates them, driving them into a valley of darkness. Without each other or their Knight Protector, the three siblings must navigate the wilderness while fending off creatures tainted by evil. They fight not just for Zoura, but for their own survival.

Will the darkness overtake Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan? Or will they prove their faith is stronger and that they fear no evil?

Fans of Little House on the Prairie will feel at home in the series’ classic frontier setting, and the sincerity of the children’s love for one another and desire to do the right thing will bring a smile to readers and listeners of all ages.

About Allen Brokken

Allen Brokken is a teacher at heart, a husband and father most of all. He’s a joyful writer by the abundant grace of God. Follow his endeavors @towersoflight, @twodadsandajoke, and Your children can grow their own faith and love of God by following the adventures of Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan (plus their pets!) at

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