Teaching Resource: Lesson Plan Coming Soon

I began posting this teaching resource series in February. The worksheets, handouts, and lesson plan were things I had created as part of a creative writing course for our homeschool.

We officially finished the course last week. It was then that I realized the last worksheet set wasn’t necessary. At least not as a separate resource. It was best to introduce the link between a story’s arc and plot through the lessons on story structure. So, on that note, I will not be posting the worksheet set for “ARC and Plot” that I first mentioned.

However, I do have a lesson plan in the works. The four-week creative writing lesson plan should be polished and ready to share by August. (It has lots of scribbled notes with adjustments and improvements to make after teaching the course.)

This creative writing series was inspired by the free Pixar storytelling course on Khan Academy. If you’d like to know more about this teaching resource series, check out the first post here.

If you’ve used any of my teaching resources, I’d love to hear about your experience!

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