A Review of “Lost on the Titanic (Out of Time Book 1)”

What would you do if you found yourself aboard the Titanic—hours before it sank?

Allie and Vic Taylor and their friend Max land aboard the Titanic after the Taylor’s precocious puppy, Luna, swallows a mysterious object from an equally mysterious woman. The three kids are sure their venture through time has something to do with the object, known as an infinity spinner. It must be a time travel device! But the infinity spinner is in Luna’s stomach and she disappeared the moment their feet hit the deck. Stranded aboard the vast ship, the kids have hours to find Luna and return home.

Lost on the Titanic (Out of Time Book 1) is the first book in Jessica Rinker’s chapter book series for middle-grade readers. Delightful illustrations, a quick pace, and a light hearted tone make this time-traveling adventure a fun, easy read, while interesting twists will keep young readers turning pages. History fans will also delight in the well-crafted depiction of being aboard the Titanic. 

On the flip side, there’s a male antagonist briefly featured at specific moments to add conflict. His introduction seems important for the series going forward, but, in this first story, his role feels small. It’ll be interesting to see the development of this character as the series progresses. 

The story reminded me of the old Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego television series. Readers who enjoy similar stories featuring historic moments will enjoy this book.

Lost on the Titanic (Out of Time Book 1) by Jessica Rinker releases on May 19, 2020.

Lost on the Titanic (Out of Time Book 1) by Jessica Rinker is available from Amazon and other retailers.

Content Guide

Romance (low)

Violence (low)

Language (low)

Sensitive Topics (low)
The kids steal a teapot from the Titanic before it sinks.

*A complimentary copy of Lost on the Titanic (Out of Time Book 1) was provided via Netgalley. Opinions are my own.

About Lost on the Titanic (Out of Time Book 1)

Allie and Vic Taylor are just regular kids who help out in their parents’ antique shop. Until one day, when they find they can travel through time! From Epic! Originals, Out of Time is a middle-grade chapter book series about time-traveling kids who explore important moments in history!

When Allie, Vic, and their friend, Max, are mysteriously sent back in time to the Titanic, they have to find a way to save their parents’ shop, save their futures, and get off the ship before it sinks! Join them as they explore the Titanic in its prime and attempt to find their way back to the present!

After the adventure, readers can flip to the back of the book to learn interesting facts about antique stores as well as the Titanic and its passengers!

About Jessica Rinker (Author)

Jessica Rinker is the author of The Dare Sisters as well as several picture book biographies. She teaches in the MFA program for Writing for Children and Young Adults at Sierra Nevada College and lives in West Virginia with her husband, who is also a children’s author. If she could go back in time, she would choose to see her Viking ancestors building boats!

About Bethany Stancliffe (Illustrator)

Bethany Stancliffe is a Central-Washington-based artist who grew up in the Rockies, where she spent her time building tree forts, reading fairy tales, and filling up sketchbooks. Having had a spectrum of creative interests since childhood, she has found a home in illustration, where design and storytelling meet. Following in the footsteps of her parents, Bethany studied art and illustration at BYU-Idaho. She draws most of her inspiration from nature, films, and childhood adventures and has a love for interesting textures and patterns. When she’s not painting, she enjoys exploring outside with her son, Max, and creating original stories with her husband.

Published by K.A. Cummins

K.A. Cummins is an award-winning author and artist. Her publications include Havok Publishing, Rattle, Blue Mesa Review, and her middle-grade series, Snow Globe Travelers.

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