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Last updated October 19, 2020.

Discover world building details and behind-the-scenes insights in these interviews with (mostly) middle-grade and young adult speculative fiction authors. Click on the title link to read the interview, or click on the author’s name to visit their website or social media page. (Ordered with the most recent at the top.)

M.L. Tarpley
Read Interview>> The Story Behind M.L. Tarpley’s Maylie and the Maze

Tori V. Rainn
Read Interview>> Behind the Scenes of Tori V. Rainn’s Curse of the Blacknoc Witch

Janeen Ippolito (A Storm Grows Blog Tour!)
Read Interview>> A Storm Grows Poetry Spotlight with Janeen Ippolito

Laura A. Grace (Dear Author Blog Tour!)
Read Interview>> Chatting about Dear Author with Laura A. Grace

E. Bronwyn Hinkle
Read Interview>> Wrapped up in Bronwyn Hinkle’s The Lawrence Chronicles

Allen Brokken
Read Interview>> Journey to Allen Brokken’s Towers of Light Series

S.E.M. Ishida
Read Interview>> Discovering the Wonder in S.E.M. Ishida’s Nick Newton

C.M. Banschbach (Oath of the Outcast Blog Tour!)
Read Interview>> C.M. Banschbach’s Oath of the Outcast

Kendra Ardnek
Read Interview>> Tangled up in Kendra E. Ardnek’s Hair We go Again

Katie Clark
Read Interview>> Travel to Katie Clark’s Whispering Tower

Jennifer Rogers
Read Interview>> Awakened by J.F. Rogers Astray

Ralene Burke
Read Interview>> Suit Up for Ralene Burke’s Armor of Aletheia

Randall Allen Dunn
Read Interview>> Venture to Randall Allen Dunn’s The Island of Myste

Laurie Lucking
Read Interview>> Enchanted by Laurie Lucking’s Common

J.M. Hackman
Read Interview>> The Firebrand Chronicles Forged by J.M. Hackman

Grace Bridges
Read Interview>> Inside the World of Earthcore by Grace Bridges

Janeen Ippolito (Faithless Blog Tour!)
Read Interview>> Books, Debates, and Lightning: The Scepter of Knowledge World Building