Formatting & Proofreading

Creative projects and other obligations require more of my time, these days. I’m no longer able to offer formatting and proofreading services.

In case you find it helpful, I posted an article on common formatting mistakes with a downloadable checklist here on my blog.

Basic formatting examples: The Warehouse Tour and Snow Globe Travelers

“Absolutely amazing. Fast, beautiful, professional work. I’m indebted to her kind service and generosity.”

R.J. Conte, authoress of The End of the Dream and Lucent Sylph
I have a passion for interior formatting and desire to help.

As an author myself, I understand publishing the best version of your story can be expensive. It’s tempting to DIY as much as you can, especially when it comes to things like formatting. But a poorly designed interior can be just as distracting to a reader as typos and grammatical errors.

(Read more in “10 Common Formatting Mistakes”.)

That’s where I come in, offering basic and custom formatting services with the option to add proofreading.

Both basic and custom formatting services include one post-formatting revision for changes before ordering your printed proof and one post-formatting revision for changes after reviewing your printed proof. Available file formats: mobi, ePub, and pdf.

Basic formatting offers clean design style choices with options to customize font size and header and footer layout.

Custom formatting is tailored to your specifications.

Proofreading is optional and can be included.

“KaLyn did LOVELY work on my novel, was pleasant and easy to work with, and communicated quickly and effectively. She was patient with me and passionate about making it the best it could be. I will absolutely work with her again! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Erin Winters, author of The Cost of Humanity