Keagan’s Review: Mercury Hale Series


Titles: Mercury on Guard, Mercury for Hire, and Mercury at Risk

Author: Steve Rzasa
Series: Mercury Hale
Books in Series: 6

Genre: Superhero/sci-fi
Audience: Adult
Release Date: 2019-2020

This book reminds me of: Guardians of the Galaxy, but set on Earth.

Content: Suitable for teens and adults. The books don’t contain any strong language or on-page intimacy. There are fight scenes and battles, but the descriptions are not graphic.


Mercury Hale works for Procyon, an organization which operates in secret under the guise of a nonprofit organization, working to ensure that anyone outside of the organization does not come into contact with any interdimensional phenomena. With his closest allies, wittiest remarks, and trusty pulsar stave, Mercury faces off against the abominations that are astral fiends and other, more powerful foes who are bent on dimensional domination and the destruction of all life.

This is a great series. The first three books are of similar length and have a colloquial writing style. Spelling and grammatical errors are minor. The witty and sarcastic remarks are funny and sometimes outright hilarious. Rzasa did great with this series. I highly recommend these books to anyone that likes action, humor, and sci-fi.

Note: This review is for the first three books in the series. Since initially writing this review, I’ve finished the other three books. They’re just as enjoyable as the first ones and I look forward to the next installment—Mercury with Style—coming out on November 26th.


Mercury Hale is not a hero. Not in his mind.

He’s happy spending his late nights slicing his way through monstrous astral fiends, using a weapon imbued with a mysterious power, at the behest of the secretive Procyon Foundation. It’s a strange way to earn a paycheck, but hey, he’s good at it.

The problem is, things are getting worse.

More attacks. More public exposure. None of which Procyon wants. When he tries to get to the bottom of the mess, Mercury is confronted by a tightly-guarded secret about Procyon – its true purpose, and what that means for the fate of the world.

Worse, Mercury is not who he thinks he is.

And he’s not alone.

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New Mercury Book & Series Special

There’s a new Mercury book coming out on November 26th—Mercury with Style. And as a bonus, all the books in the Interstice Universe—which includes all the Mercury books—are on sale for $0.99 each! (Until November 26, 2021.)

Visit Steve Rzasa’s Amazon page to access all the books.

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  1. Thanks for the great review. Not all series continue to be good as the story line progresses. Glad you are looking forward to the next book in the series.

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