Teaching Resources

***This page is no longer updated. To view all the teaching resources available, visit my TeachersPayTeachers page.***

Printable Worksheets

A set of resources for beginning fiction writers inspired by the free Pixar storytelling course on Khan Academy.

Unit Studies

Spark by J.M. Hackman — A unit study inspired by J.M. Hackman’s Spark. For preteens and teens. Topics: bioluminescence, cartography, and griffins.

The Boy From Earth by Darrell Pitt — A unit study inspired by Darrell Pitt’s The Boy From Earth. For grades 3rd through 6th. Topics: NASA, space exploration, and Space Camp.

Vincent in Wonderland by C.E. White — A unit study inspired by C.E. White’s Vincent in Wonderland. For grades 4th through 7th. Topics: Vincent van Gogh, Post-Impressionism, and Alice in Wonderland.

The Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson — A unit study inspired by Kara Swanson’s The Girl Who Could See. For high school students. Topics: Multiverse Theory, national disaster response planning, and biotech.

More Language Arts

Building Blocks of Writing (pdf) – Two visual organizers for introducing the basics of writing and forming a five-paragraph paper.

Mad-Lib Style Poetry (pdf) – A fun vocabulary exercise for use with rhyming word pairs. Includes instructions and example poem.

Story Building (pdf) – A set of visual references for character development, plot structure, set planning, and scene building.

Summer Reading Activities (pdf) – Independent activities to bolster reading comprehension and analytical skills without overloading students with extra work over the summer.