Featured Interviews

Discover world building details and behind-the-scenes insights in these featured interviews with middle-grade and young adult speculative fiction authors.

Features in 2019

January 18th: Grace Bridges
Read>> Inside the World of Earthcore by Grace Bridges
February 1st: J.M. Hackman
Read>> The Firebrand Chronicles Forged by J.M. Hackman
February 15th: Laurie Lucking
Read>> Enchanted by Laurie Lucking’s Common
March 1st: Randall Allen Dunn
Read>> Venture to Randall Allen Dunn’s The Island of Myste
March 15th: Ralene Burke
Read>> Suit Up for Ralene Burke’s Armor of Aletheia
April 18th: Jennifer Rogers
Read>> Awakened by J.F. Rogers Astray
May 17th: Katie Clark
Read>> Travel to Katie Clark’s Whispering Tower
June 21st: Kendra Ardnek
Read>> Tangled up in Kendra E. Ardnek’s Hair We go Again
July 25th: C.M. Banschbach (Oath of the Outcast Blog Tour!)
Read>> C.M. Banschbach’s Oath of the Outcast
October 18th: S.E.M. Ishida
Read>> Discovering the Wonder in S.E.M. Ishida’s Nick Newton
November 1st: Allen Brokken
November 15th: E. Bronwyn Hinkle
December 20th: 2019 Feature Highlights