Preview Snow Globe Travelers (SGT)

This week, I dove into developmental edits on Snow Globe Travelers (SGT), a middle-grade sci-fi portal/multiverse story I’m preparing for submissions. As of this morning, edits are about 35% complete!

As the final draft of Snow Globe Travelers emerges, my excitement grows. Working on this story over the past several years has been a process of personal transformation that has improved my ability to reach out and connect with others – an answered prayer. I look forward to sharing this special story with all of you.

Since the road of queries and submissions is long, I will be sharing the first chapter of Snow Globe Travelers in an upcoming quarterly newsletter. So if you want to take a peek, sign up and be on the lookout for a preview of it in mid-September.

To all of you who have supported me, encouraged me, or invested your time to provide feedback and guidance, thank you. It means the world to me.

About Snow Globe Travelers

Twelve-year-old Sarah Ann Reisende and her mother travel to Vienna for the Genuss Festival Food Fair. There she discovers a mysterious shop where the snow globes connect to other worlds. But devastating consequences follow when she drops one of the globes.

Venturing into a new world for help, Sarah becomes the target of Malvine, a genetically-engineered warrior with an army of eight-foot-tall carnivorous plant hybrids. Malvine wants access to the shop and has the means to force her to comply.

Will Sarah prevail and find the answers she seeks?

Snow Globe Travelers is the first book in a four book middle-grade series featuring themes of hope, self-worth, love, and redemption. Aimed at ages 10-12.

Snow Globe Travelers (SGT) Update

Got some great feedback and advice from my mentoring appoints at Realm Makers. I’m working through final edits and excited to begin submitting soon – come what may.

The hardest part of this six-year-long process has been getting into Sarah’s head. It can be challenging to write a main character with a different personality. But stepping into her mindset has been worth the extra challenge. It’s helped me grow both on and off the page.

Differences shape our perspectives of the world to an astonishing depth. Listening to understand is an important aspect of loving others as they are and it can be done without compromising our convictions. We can disagree without disrespecting.

Love others as you love yourself (Mark 12:31).

Cover Reveal, Book Trailer, Giveaway… Oh, My!

Available Now!

After Readers’ Favorite posted an encouraging review for my sci-fi horror short story, The Warehouse Tour, in March, I decided to move forward with something I’d been thinking about for awhile – publishing a professionally edited edition of The Warehouse Tour with a new cover.

This time, there’s a book trailer and a paperback version too! (Paperback available mid-June.)

I’ll be hosting TWO GIVEAWAYS to celebrate all of this (details at the bottom of this post).

But first, thank you to Janeen Ippolito for her mad editing skills. She showed me all the ways to make this story the best version possible. And a special thanks to all of you who have supported me! It means more to me than you know.

Getting on with it… ;)

Cover Reveal

Without further ado, the new cover for The Warehouse Tour… *drum roll*


Book Trailer

And the shiny book trailer…

If you’re ready to #TakeTheTour, you can purchase a copy from Amazon here.

If you already have a copy of the previous release…

You should get the new release for free. Make sure your Kindle is set to automatically update content or contact Amazon directly to have the new version sent to your device.

Giveaway Details

The first giveaway is for a free digital copy of The Warehouse Tour. Giveaway ends on June 12th at midnight. Winner will be notified by June 14th. Go here to enter >> a Rafflecopter giveaway

The second giveaway is an exclusive swag bag that will include a signed paperback copy, but it’s only open to newsletter subscribers. Sign up here before June 21st, if you’re not already a subscriber. It’s free to sign up and you’ll get a free ebook that contains a copy of the flash fiction story, The Invasion of Rocket City.

Excerpts and Updates for SGT Book 1

With so much going on behind the scenes, it’s been awhile since I’ve shared any updates on the first book in my middle-grade science fiction series (SGT). And now that the manuscript is no longer bound by contest restrictions, it seemed like the right time.

This summer, I’m planning to engage my awesome critique group (whose already viewed the first four chapters) and my amazing editor to help prepare the manuscript for submission. The goal is to begin submitting by early fall.

Querying is a long hard road, so prayers would be appreciated.

If you’re wondering why I am pursuing the traditional route over the indie route I started with, it’s because this is a middle-grade series. I intend to continue indie publishing my YA stories, as it makes sense. However, the middle-grade market is different. There seem to be fewer avenues for indies to reach middle-grade readers than there are avenues for indies to reach YA readers.

On to the excerpts… :)

SGT Book 1, Upper Middle-grade Science Fiction

I’ve shared a couple of snippets on Twitter and Instagram recently and wanted to share those here as well.  If you like them, I would love to know. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I’ll do the best I can to answer.

One-line Premise

Transported into another world, twelve-year-old Sarah Ann Reisende must face a genetically-engineered warrior with an army of vicious hybrids.

Chapter One Excerpt

… Extremities tingling, I clenched my jaw. Everything else ceased to exist.

Ahead, the orange offender advanced. I pushed harder, lungs burning, muscles cramping. Fatigue nearly brought me to my knees. But I fought back, gaining speed. Two more blocks passed. The distance between us shrank. Now one meter away, my hands itched to reach for the fluffy felon. The end of the block upon us, we veered to the left again. With a twitch of its tail, the fiend taunted me as it disappeared around another corner, heading down a cobblestone alleyway.

Chapter Two Excerpt

With the cobblestone passage before me once more, the thought of leaving the shop fluttered into my mind. The prospect of exploring strange new places enchanted me, but, if I left Vienna, how would I ever find my way home?

Maybe it was a good thing the door to the other world hadn’t opened. ⠀