Unit Study Inspired by Spark

When kids are interested in a topic, they’re more engaged and the process of learning is enjoyable. Which, in turn, helps foster a love for learning (and makes teaching fun).

And as both a homeschool parent and a writer, I felt led to combine the two areas to create printable unit studies centered around some of the great books I’ve featured on this blog.

Here’s, hopefully, the first of many. A unit study inspired by J.M. Hackman’s Spark.

Spark Unit Study
Topics: Bioluminescence, Cartography, and Griffins
Plus, don’t miss out on the discussion questions J.M. Hackman provided in the back of her book!

You can also find this unit study, along with other free teaching resources on this blog under Teaching Resources.

Just incase you want to know a little more, here’s a few related posts about Spark and other books in the Firebrand Chronicles series.

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4 thoughts on “Unit Study Inspired by Spark

  1. authorjmhackman

    Thanks! I’ll do custom stuff, so let me know if you need any booksleeves for Christmas or giveaways. ☺ Thanks again, girl! 💜

  2. authorjmhackman

    Thanks for this, KaLyn! Such a valuable resource for homeschoolers! If I have the opportunity to share this with homeschoolers, would you mind if I did? I’m planning to attend the CHAP convention in Lancaster, PA next summer (with the Realmie bookstore).

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