Driven to Conquer a Story-verse

I’m taking the day off from moving duties to write and relax. Tomorrow will be soon enough to resume the laborious tasks waiting for attention.

Honestly, I’m not sure I could have gone another day without delving into the current story world. It looms over me like a baking apple crisp, molten brown sugar and cinnamon coating layers of fruit slices until it rises, erupting through tiny holes, spilling over the crust’s surface. The longer the wait, the greater the torment.

But constructing these stories is no simple task either.

What began as a four-book series has grown into two parallel series in the same story universe. Three of those stories (one in the first series and two in the second) have overlapping events and characters, compelling me to work on them at the same time.

The original plan for this month was to draft one of those stories and Rocket City on top of editing two other manuscripts. Smh.

Instead of being overwhelmed, I feel driven, desperately wishing I could split myself and work faster. Or maybe that’s really just denial masking overwhelm?

Has all sense and reason abandoned me at the threshold of this world within my world?

Either way, with determination and faith I proceed. Let’s do this!