Release the Hare!

Languid language days fall away while vigor springs forth, giving rise to the rushing, rich rewards of overflowing ideas.

I have basked in the slowness of first words far too long and now the overflow of characters demand their attention. Their tales in a particular story-verse are pilling up. I can barely contain them. They have their own life.

Have you ever reached a point where you felt driven, beyond desire, to find a way to pick up the pace?

It’s certainly where I am at. And, thankfully, using the advice from Chris Fox’s “5,000 Words Per an Hour” may prove to be the breakthrough I needed for writing faster. It centers around using words prints (among other things) to train your brain.

Feel free to share any tips or tricks that work for you. This tortoise must release its inner hare before the crowd rushes the track! Lol.