Recommended Wattpad Authors

Wattpad is a great place to find talented writers, including well-established authors, like R.L. Stine.   The stories are mostly aimed at YA and New Adult readers, but all genres are represented.

There is a lot of content on Wattpad.  It can seem overwhelming in the beginning.  I recommend searching for an author you already know.  You may be surprised to learn they publish on Wattpad (some even offer Wattpad Exclusive stories).  Next, browse the Hot and Featured lists under the categories that interest you to find new ones to follow.

Here are some Wattpad authors whose work I have enjoyed.

Under 100K Followers

  • Mikaela Bender (MikaelaBender)  – An award-winning, newly published author with incredible talent.  Check out her Expiration Date Duology.

Under 1K Followers

  • Destiny Christian Magazine (DestinyMagazine) – A newer endeavor, Destiny released its first issue in April 2017.  It contained editorials, devotions, prayers, and a book review.  Future issues may also feature poetry.  They are currently accepting submissions.
  • Frank Toth (The_Authors_Quill) – I devoured Frank’s Tales of a Trickster: The Case of Ophelia Tate.  An exciting tale with a strong voice and interesting characters.  It does contain mild language and innuendo, but the instances are sporadic.
  • A.R. Noble (theconsultingwriter2)  – One of my top five favorite authors on Wattpad!  Her River’s Tales stories feature time travel, mystery, and a light heart.  All around fun to read. I expect to see her work in print one day.
  • Precious Nkem (precious_nkem) – She is a young author who demonstrates a fresh perspective in her story June.  I look forward to seeing her grow as a writer.

Let me know if there are any Wattpad authors you recommend.

This list will be updated as I discover more.

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